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30 August 2019

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Ringeltaube – bei WOW! Wuppertal!

Ringeltaube – bei WOW! Wuppertal!

Frank Ringel is a thoroughbred entrepreneur, tangible and spontaneous, as active in China as in Wuppertal and always playable as a project catalyst and developer. A first-rate networker. At some point, with the resource “playing vacant flats”, they began to renovate, furnish well and then offer them to a market that a network of former employees can independently manage and manage. In 2011 he started with three apartments, bought a management program and logged in to booking.com.

Immediately after the activation came from Australia and Greece the first requests. On the first evening, Ringel already had ten reservations, but only three apartments. Since you have to “service” booking.com, the staff have taken each other and so you quickly got housing free. Wuppertal’s sense of community here, too: In 2016, Ringel’s record year was 25,000 overnight stays in 27 apartments.

Ringeltaube – comfortable living with zero stars


Today it is still 15. What may it be? Aristocratic vibrancy in Elberfeld, dignified Großbürgerambiente on the Mount of Olives or rural tranquility in the environment? A modern apartment, a spacious old building or a house with a garden? Ringeltaube® offers the desired solution for every need.

The dance sport festival in the Historisches Stadthalle on the Johannisberg is on the way to becoming one of the most popular tournaments in the world, with well over 2,500 sets of dancing couples. Frank Ringel offers apartments for such events very decidedly.

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