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Home from home, in between times

Commercial travellers, assembly men, exhibition visitors – for all those who temporarily stay in Wuppertal, Ringeltaube® offers an adequate residence, a home for a time. Ringeltaube® is your lucrative alternative to expensive and impersonal hotel stays. But also if there’s a private need for domestic housing, e. g. in the wake of a breakup on compassionate grounds, Ringeltaube provides matching solutions: easy, short dated, customized.

Moreover, film and TV crews find new shooting locations at Ringeltaube®. And also those who want to meet or celebrate in a personal atmosphere find their place to be.Leaving residential property for a Ringeltaube®mediacy, may help landlords to avoid financial penalties from vacancy or sale. Dead housing space becomes revived and value-adding again: a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Intermediate tenants enjoy living comfort (almost) like home, houseowner get their money’s worth. Need for – or property of – temporarily or periodically usable housing space?

Then Ringeltaube® is the No.1 address in Wuppertal, for both tenants and hirers.

Frank Ringel - The man behind RingelTaube

Frank Ringel was born in 1966. He is attorney at Matthey GmbH, Wuppertal, a medium-sized family company, specialised in construction fittings. Therefore he keeps best contacts to craftsmen, property developers and real estate owners in the Wuppertal region. This expertise, combined with his personal experiences as house owner and as a ‘widely travelled’ scholar, who knows what it means to be in a need for low priced temporary accommodation, contributed to the fruition of the idea behind Ringeltaube®: Why not make void housing space profitable again – by letting furnished apartments, flats and houses?

Delving into legal framework paved the way from the vision to the status quo of Frank Ringel’s initiative, which today proves being profitable and pathbreaking. Pathbreaking when it comes to the mediacy of temporary rentings, profitable with regard to real estate value retention. Performing social service activity and connecting it to the benefit of immovable property, leads to a new understanding for habitation options: Even though Frank Ringel ventured into uncharted terrain, his ideas set precedents, also outside of Wuppertal.

The RingelTaube principle: Advantage for all

To bridge sporadical housing demands in Wuppertal and its periphery, Ringeltaube® offers custom-fit solutions which pay off for all parties involved: tenants, landlords – and the entire region.

For those who are just part-time inhabitants of Wuppertal (commercial travellers, assembly men, exhibition visitors), Ringeltaube® provides a constantly increasing variety of housing space – short dated, easy-going, as you like it. On the other hand, Ringeltaube® supports property owners who are searching for a beneficial way to secure the value of their real estate.

Simply clever: Ringeltaube® negotiates supply and demand by renting accommodations ‘in bulk’, in order to relet those accommodations individually. Of course, Ringeltaube® also manages the use of particular rental property. Today the Ringeltaube® variety becomes increasingly popular, but Ringeltaube® is rarely ‘fully booked’. And this also because of the increasing interest on the part of the landlords and house owners. Especially for structurally weakened urbanity the Ringeltaube® principle opens new horizons: from the revival of singular properties to the greening of entire districts. Even when they are just passing through, tenants are people who go shopping, who want to relax and rejoice, which means that they consume – and thus enliven the environment. Older house owners and landlords share their property which appears way too big for their own needs – and animate their daily life. Besides the additional income, they obtain new pleasant tasks and the chance to get to know friendly guests.

Some more advantages of Ringeltaube®:
Single parents can adjust their housing space according to the visit intervals of their children. The resulting financial benefit can probably compensate the income loss caused by the seperation from the former partner. Long-time vacationists can extend their absence – while at home their flats and houses remain inhabited (and guarded).

The Ringeltaube® principle has already been adopted for the formation of sheltered housing estates for the elderly and youth facilities.

Individual service and comfort

Day by day thousands of people move to Wuppertal or relocate within the region: assemblymen, exhibition visitors, students or persons who have to change their familiar surroundings, like after a separation.

Where do they go? They are joining a hotel. Or they move to friends, as far as they have some around. Or they come to Ringeltaube®.

What do you prefer? Lively and colourful activity in Elberfeld, the solid upper-class ambiance at the ‘Ölberg’ or rural tranquility outside the city centre? A modern apartment, a lavishly appointed flat in an elegant period house? With a garden around? Ringeltaube® has the variety to chose from. Welcome to Wuppertal!

The already widely varied Ringeltaube® selection for interim housing gets continuously expanded. Soon, handicapped accessible accommodation options will complete the Ringeltaube® range, also to bridge the problematic time after a hospital stay, before returning to a home which is not or not yet barrier-free. Also creative professionals find their home at Ringeltaube®. There’s always an interesting location for indoor shootings available – as well as a accommodation for the crew, as for visiting theatre and opera companies.

Ringeltaube® owes its success most notably to the Wuppertal property owners and landlords who take the assumed risk to house ‘strangers’. Far from the impersonal atmosphere of hotels, visitors of any kind become fellow citizens, and friends.






Our Promotions


€ 380.00

Arrival: Monday, from 4 pm; Departure: Thursday, until 4 pm

Two rooms, including eat-in kitchen (+ 50 m²), up to six guests


€ 200,00

Allocation Friday night until Sunday evening, 5 pm.

Two overnight stays, one apartment with kitchen, for 3 – 4 guests,


€ 200,00

Allocation Friday night until Sunday evening, 5 pm.

Two overnight stays, one apartment with kitchen, for 3 – 4 guests